on September 20th in Denmark

Kasper win impressive on points

The second title fight of the Fight Arena 15 event was


Mikenta gym's Kasper Dybmark


Whatchara Sampaosri (BIG BEN) from Thailand

This fight went the distance as Mikenta fighter Kasper Dybmark

met Karlstad gym's Watchara Sampaosri.

The Thai-fighter stalked Kasper patiently landing occasional leg kicks against the taller Dybmark.

Kasper's reach advantage showed as a significant strength through the

rounds landing several 1-2 combos.

As the rounds progressed, the patient Sampaosri began to pick up the pace with

a spinning elbow in round 4. Kasper dominated the clinch with knee strikes in all rounds.

By round five, the energy exhursion has taken effect bringing the contest

to  the fate of the judges.

The decided victor of this duel was Kasper Dybmark.




Report by Torian Whitlow & Branko v.Grimsic